Watch kids enjoying themselves at our party venue

Birthday parties are a special moment in your child’s life – when your child grows up they will remember those precious moments. Ensuring that your son or daughters special day goes the way you want to is often a bigger task then you may realize. Although home parties are personal there are many factors you need to consider: Do I have space for everyone? Do I need to hire tables and chairs? Do I have a wet weather pack up plan? Do I have the time needed to spend planning, decorating and cleaning before and after the party???

Our motto is ‘Leave the Mess and Stress to Us’ and this is really what we are about! We only host one party at a time at our venue so the personal touch is still there, and we’re happy to accommodate any specific requests. Over the years we have hosted a lot (Hundreds/Thousands!) of parties, and we like to think we have the art of children’s parties perfected, just check out below to see a few examples of parties we have thrown recently.

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