6 reasons to rent a venue for your kids next party

Scene: Your little one’s big day is a few weeks away. And you haven’t even thought of who to invite. You want something fun and entertaining that looks like you did a lot of planning, without actually having to do all that planning.

Let’s face it. As much as we want the world for our little ones, planning a children’s birthday party can be a headache! It’s a lot of work! Given the fact that this special day only comes once a year, you would think we’d be better prepared for it. But the truth is, most of us never are! And, yet, we want to make our child’s celebration as memorable as possible.

While there’s lots to prepare for and so much that you can do on your own, it might be wise to rent a venue. Here’s our top 6 reasons to choose somewhere else for your kid’s birthday party.


In some cases, our homes are not ideal locations for all of our guests to come visit. If you choose a spot that’s neutrally located for your visitors, that can save everyone some time in driving. This will also cut back on the time you spend giving directions for a failed GPS navigation if it’s at a known business location.


Depending on the number of children you’ve invited this year, you may need quite a bit of space.

Remember that children come with parents, so you aren’t just accommodating the little ones as adults are in the building too. For this reason, having a party inside your home or your backyard may not be an option. Consider renting a venue to help every guest enjoy themselves in a comfortable setting that fits everyone.

Party Hosts

Okay, you’ve got the guest list, ordered the cake, you’ve picked a theme… planning a party isn’t easy, let alone hosting it! When the big day arrives, engaging in conversation with friends and family should be your focus. If you choose to rent a venue, sometimes it will include friendly party hosts that can help facilitate the party.

This might include things like setting up decorations, taking pictures, cutting cake and passing out food. Trust us, when the big day arrives, you want to be sure that you’re able to enjoy yourself. Leave the hard work to someone else; you’ve earned it!

Clean up

Speaking of hard work, sometimes the biggest challenge is after the party is over when you have to do the tidying. You’ve got cake plates, spills, and gift wrap everywhere!

Many venues want you to enjoy yourself during your event and will gladly help with cleaning up from all the fun you’ve had with your guests. You can find out this information once you’ve inquired about any package deals.

Package Deals

Speaking of package deals, that is another GREAT benefit to having your party at a rented venue.

Being a parent in and of itself is tough enough. You may not want to deal with decorating or figuring out the entertainment for your child’s party. A lot of child friendly party venues have activities for children that will make things easier for you.

Packages might include face painting, story time, arcade games and lots of other cool things to add to the fun on the special day. Whether it’s a skating rink or indoor play gym, many of those places have party packages that will cover everything you need for party planning at a really great price.


Final reason for using a venue? The PERKS!

This is a little different from the actual package deals, and it certainly depends on where you choose to rent, but in a lot of cases you’ll get some added benefits when you have your party at a separate location. For instance, a lot of play gyms will offer discounted rates for future visits for your family AND guests. Plus, it’s a perk to find out how much money you can save with some venues and their deals as opposed to doing it yourself in your home. The best perk, however, is knowing that your child will enjoy their big day with a STRESS FREE parent!

So, what do you think? Did we cover everything? What’s been YOUR experience in renting a venue? Let us know in the comments!

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