Giving the Gift That Keeps On Giving: Present Ideas for Children

It’s that time of year again! A new birthday means lots of presents! So what should you get the birthday child this time around? Here’s a list of ideas that are perfect for the big day!

Gift ideas for 1 Year Olds

This can be tricky for a lot of people because when we think of a one year old, we don’t always think that they’ll appreciate gifts. Oh, but they do! One year olds have a funny way of showing appreciation and the truth is, most things are fascinating to them at this age! The rule of thumb for this age is keep it simple and keep it safe!

  • Books– Most children love a good story time and a gift like this is something they will appreciate with each and every bedtime reading.
  • Finger paints– Sensory play is great for this age group and this kind of art is perfect as it is open ended, allows for them to explore colors and makes for a great masterpiece once it’s completed! Be mindful of getting a suitable brand for a one year old for safety!
  • Musical Instrument set– Music is a fun way for little ones to explore. One year marks for lots of noise and play so with a set of bells, a tambourine and maracas, this little one is sure to have a blast!
  • A bubble machine– Bubbles are awesome! Having a machine around the house gives grown-ups a break from having to do it manually while still entertaining little ones.
  • Sand/Water Table– This is another fun outlet for sensory play. And as this tends to be a popular activity for early childhood, it will likely last a long time.
  • Clothes– Let’s face it, a lot of soon-to-be toddlers hate wearing clothes. But they’re growing fast and the parents will love you for it!

Gift ideas for Toddlers & Preschoolers

At this age, fine and gross motor skills are being explored so there’s so much fun to be had with gift giving! This list is endless with possibilities, but here are a few gems:

  • Coloring books– Although free form coloring is important for preschoolers, children adore coloring books because they can identify the characters and objects on the pages.
  • A tee-ball set- This is a great sport for little ones in practicing hand-eye coordination and running from base to base. Be careful as any toddler with a bat is something to watch out for!
  • An easel with paints– Independent painting is lots of fun for this age group so a set of paints with an easel (table-top is great!) will help support that creative development. A smock might be helpful too!
  • A Sticker Book Set– They love stickers. Truly.
  • A Play dough set- They also love play dough. Truly.

Gift ideas for Primary School children

Older children have more specific requests with what they want for their birthdays. But that doesn’t mean you’re limited in options!

  • Gift card to a jewelry store or video game store- This is the time of gaining independence. Giving a gift card is a great gift that allows the birthday kid to pick a gift they want!
  • A Journal/Diary– A lot is happening at this age socially, writing is a great outlet for letting out thoughts and emotions that come with social development.
  • Books– This can be tricky if you don’t know the kind of books they like (it might be worth it to get a gift card) but books are still a really important form of enjoyment. With the kind of reading that’s done in school, offering up some choices in an area that they love will still encourage a love of literature.
  • Sporting Equipment– Children tend to be super active in their grade school years and sports are perfect for getting exercise and releasing some positive energy!
  • Clothes– This is another area where you want to be mindful of their style and preferences. If you see a shirt and just know that they’ll like it, grab it! If not, perhaps a gift card to a clothing store is an option or leave the receipt with the gift so that they can exchange it if they’d prefer something else.

Gift ideas for High School children

As this age group isn’t so little anymore, gift giving might feel a little more overwhelming. But the truth is, as this is the time of maturity and being on the cusp of major life changes, gifts are especially meaningful and sentimental.

  • Scrapbooks– So many memories of friends old and new, lots of teens want a special way to capture all of it in a more traditional way. Scrapbooking and framing pictures hold on to special moments in their life as they embark on new career endeavors and/or college opportunities.
  • Bank account/savings account- Helping cement financial security with an account is important for high schoolers. Accompanying this with a consultation on financial responsibility might be tedious for our young adult, but in the long run they’ll appreciate it.
  • Movie/concert/live theater tickets/sporting event- Attending a show of their favorite band or play with a friend is a lot of fun for youth in this group!
  • Gift cards/money- When all else fails, money is always a great gift to purchasing something they really want.

Gift giving made easy! It doesn’t have to be stressful; the important thing is to enjoy another year of life with your loved ones. And ultimately, you celebrating this special time with your presence is better than the presents!

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  1. Hey there,
    I have been so confused about what to get my little boy, but I love your idea of gifting music instrument set.
    This will not only be a great present but will also be an awesome skill to start learning at this young age.
    Thanks, dear! 🙂


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