10 most popular kids party themes


Party themes are so much fun when guests are invited to dress up! Guests arriving with themed costumes is a fun way for children to pretend and get into the party excitement! While there are lots of ways to get friends suited up, we’ve picked out some of our FAVOURITE themes that make for an awesomely creative shindig!

1. Fairy

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Always first on our list! Magical wings, toadstools, fairy dust and of course fairy bread! The possibilities are endless and what better reason to turn our backyard or party space into ‘Fairyland!’


2. Pirates

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Ahoy, mate! Pirate dress up is an easy costume to put together with LOADS of fun! Tattered clothing with bandanas and an eye patch make for the fiercest bunch at shipwreck!


3. Superheroes

Probably one of the more popular themes, children love to tap into their inner strength and morph into a superhero! A mask and a great cape make for a fantastic version of their favorite crime fighter!


4. Princesses & Knights

Classic as it is, time and time again this theme shows that little ones just can’t get enough of the royalty! Favorite princess dresses make for a truly grand event along with a league of fearless knights. For princesses, you can pick your favorite princess costume with a tiara, wand and beautiful jewelry. Knights can have foam or inflatable swords with their own shields.


5. Under The Sea

Water play is a great activity for a children’s party. Whether it’s the beach or a pool themed party, or your guests come as mermaids and pirates this theme is so much fun, and with ocean inspired decorations the possibilities are endless!


6. Cowboys and Cowgirls!

Old MacDonald had a…party? Who knew? Cows, chickens, horses and lots of little farmers are the cutest costumes around.


7. Disco / Rockstar Karaoke Party

A bunch of party animals singing their little hearts out is sure to be a blast with a good karaoke themed party! Have guests dress in wigs, funky outfits and superstar glasses with this star studded theme.


8. Pajamas

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Loads of fun in our comfy PJS! Children can pick their favorite pajamas to join in on some party fun with cute breakfast styled appetizers like mini pancakes and cereal snacks.


9. Circus Party

So many options with the World’s Greatest Party on Earth! Guests can choose between a clown costume, animal costumes (can use face paints) or even a ringmaster.

10. Costume Party

Love dress up altogether and can’t decide on anything specific? Make it a costume party! This theme brings forth lots of creativity in guests as they get to choose what they want to wear and you’ll really be able to see some personality!


BONUS: Unicorn Party

Unicorn – My Little Pony

Definitely one of our most popular themes of late! From amazing cakes, rainbow decorations and beautiful costumes what’s not to love about this stunning whimsical theme!

From heroes to rockstar royalty, a costume party is an awesome way to celebrate! Have anymore fun ideas? Please tell us in the comments!


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