5 of The Best Preschool Birthday Party Activities

Party planning can be tough as it is and for a group of preschoolers, you might not know where to start for activities. But planning a birthday party for the preschool age can be loads of fun! Depending on the number of children you plan to invite, there are LOADS of options to entertain the crowd. We’ve narrowed the list down to our top 6 preschool activities for party planning that are fun, interactive and sure to make your birthday party a success!

1, Play Dough

Use molds and cookie cutters at a table with play dough for a classic play activity that children will enjoy. If you have a larger group of children at your party, this can be a great calming activity that doesn’t require much maintenance. For a more facilitated version, make homemade play dough as a group!

2, Sensory table

Sensory play and stimulation is important for brain development in the early years. Activities such as water, sand and dry rice play engage the senses and capture the attention of young children for a super fun time. Scoop, pour, mix and stir for playful exploration at your sensory station. If you do not have a water table, use a small pool, or containers to hold your substance for sensory play. Have a towel or broom nearby for clean-up and you’re ready to go!

3, Bubble Station

Whether it’s a bubble machine that covers a far distance or a bunch of bubble wands, bubbles are always a hit with little ones. For more bubble fun, purchase a few small wading pools and add bubble solution. Use hula hoops to make GIANT bubbles! This activity is great for an outdoor party and the kids will love it!

4, Beanbag Toss

Using a few bean bags and buckets, children can practice hand-eye coordination for a fun game! At a reasonable distance, encourage friends to throw their bean bag into the bucket. See how many bean bags they can land! For an added bonus, you can give prizes to children who successfully toss the bean bag into the bucket.

5, Coloring/Painting Station

For a themed party, this is especially perfect with easy clean-up! Print out some coloring pages of your theme and allow children to color. For example, if you’ve got a construction theme, print out coloring pages of excavators and tools. This serves as a low cost accent to your party décor on top of being a creative outlet for guests. It is also helpful for friends who are a bit shy and need a more tranquil activity to make them feel comfortable.

6, Ball Play

Gross motor play, or large body movements with your arms and legs, is important for skill building in early childhood. Having an assortment of balls to use for tossing, catching and rolling is preschool playtime fun and an ideal way to build on gross motor skills. Not only are your guests enjoying themselves, but they’re also developing coordination, balance and other elements of gross motor.


That’s it! These easy-to-do preschool activities are fun for guests and easy for you to manage! What sort of games have you used for party planning with young children?

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