9 Fun Crafts for an Amazing Princess Party

Tiaras, tutus and wands, oh my! A pretty, pretty princess party is a beautiful way to celebrate a birthday. You’ve got the décor and guests that are ready for some darling dress-up, so now what? Need some ideas on the PERFECT craft idea for your sparkly affair? It is with great adulation that we present our list of princess crafts for your princess bash!

1. Tiaras/crowns

Have guests color and decorate crowns for the party. They can be paper or foam for use with crayons, stickers or sequins. Once the crown is decorated, encourage guests to wear the head pieces during the royal event!

2. Jewelry making

Make beaded necklaces and bracelets that will add flair to your guests’ attire and make for a great take home gift.

3. Wand Decorating

Purchase assorted craft wands to color and personalize. For a homemade version, you can cut shapes (such as stars) from construction paper and tape to straws that can be used as holders. Add ribbon, stickers and/or glitter for a beautifully majestic look!

4. Princess Puppets

No matter if it’s using Popsicle sticks, felt or paper bag princesses, making a puppet for the occasion is creative and fun! Friends can dream up their own princesses to create puppets with different art materials and take them home for more play time excitement.

5. Magical Brushes/Mirrors


Beautiful and elegant, a princess can light up the room! Decorate an enchanted brush or mirror by using glue to add jewels, sequins, glitter and ribbon for a magnificent keepsake.

6. Jewelry Box Making


Using a plain box for decorating, paint or cover with paper and then add princess themed accents. Leave an opening in the box to store jewelry, flower petals or any other kind of princess possessions your princesses may want to keep.

7. Princess Diary

Use journals with a plain covering or stapled construction paper to color a princess diary! Guests can take them home and write about magical memories.

8. Shields

We need a protected kingdom for our princesses! If you’ve got some knights on your guest list, let them decorate shields with crayons, markers or stickers.

9. Story Books

Children can imagine and write down their own stories for a fairy tale ending. Using stapled paper in the format of a book or one piece of paper for writing, guests can create their own story and illustrate their happily ever after with a colorful masterpiece!

These charming crafts is sure to turn your princess gathering into an extravaganza! Which do you think you’ll have your princess create?

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