5 of the best winter party ideas

It might be a bit dull and gloomy outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t organise a fabulous party for your child.

We’ve complied a list of the best Winter party ideas that will have your kids begging to stay inside!

1. Frozen themed party

It’s freezing outside so why not use the weather to your advantage and create a Winter/ Frozen wonderland. Think Marshmallow snowman, Frozen fractals decorations, hot chocolates and maybe a ‘Let it go’ singalong!

Teal blue and white decorations are always stunning together, or next level could be complete white! If your party is more Frozen themed an Elsa character will always be a hit and they will do the bulk of entertaining for you!


2. Craft party

If you are DIYing it at home and don’t have a lot of room for the kids to run around a craft party is a great way to keep the kids occupied and in one space! You could make it a themed craft party which will help with the decorations and craft ideas.

Princess crafts would work great with children creating their own crowns and tiaras, Pirate theme they could decorate their own treasure chest etc. The possibilities are endless, and their masterpieces can double as their take home gift also!


3. Cooking Party

Let’s face it – kids love to help us cook and bake at home (as much as we would prefer to just do it ourselves sometimes!) so a party where they get to create their own food is always going to be a hit! This is another great ‘sitting down’ theme where the kids are occupied in their seats and won’t be running around the house.

If you have a longer party you can have the children create their food from scratch (think pizzas, cupcakes, cookies). Or if you prefer to do the main bulk of preparation pre-party yourself you can have the bases/ cakes etc already made, and just have the kids do the fun decorations themselves.


4. Slumber parties

For the older children slumber parties are perfect for when it’s cold outside. The birthday child can choose movies to watch with popcorn and snuggle up in their sleeping bags.

For a fun twist it can be ‘glamping’ focused with an indoor tent that will be sure to be a hit. Recommend smaller groups for sleepovers to try and ensure they get some sleep!


5. Is the thought of having all your little party guests, and parents crammed inside too much to bear?

Flikr: Barney Moss

Then leave the house and find an indoor venue! There are community centres, local halls where you have use of the space and you can DIY. Or if you really don’t want to life a finger than our party space ‘Fairy Cool Parties’ in Balwyn north will do everything for you. Our motto is ‘Leave the Mess and Stress to us’ and we really do live by that!

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